“IBYE was the helping hand we needed to bring the business to the next stage”

vancouver-day-37-9Stephanie Lynch is the founder of OnTheQT.ie, an innovative tourism and digital marketing business.

OnTheQT was an idea which came to Stephanie while working in an American summer camp in the USA. An idea she turned into a successful, award winning business.

OnTheQT was named IBYE “Best Established Business” from the Local Enterprise Office South Cork in 2015, scooping €20,000 investment.

We chatted to Stephanie about life since IBYE 2015, and here’s what she told us:

IBYE was the helping hand we needed to bring the business to the next stage. Winning IBYE 2015 meant we could grow the team, grow our sales and expand at a much faster rate.

Since IBYE 2015, we launched our vlog section to our site, which acts like an online TV series, an area which is growing from strength to strength for us. We just won Ireland’s Best Vlog 2016 in the Blog Awards Ireland 2016.

Since IBYE 2015, we have also grown our team, our sales, and our brand to the next level. At the moment, OnTheQT is working with larger brands worldwide in the area of content creation, digital marketing, and innovation. We are looking to expand the team in the next 12 months, while also expanding our client base in the USA.

We haven’t looked back since our success at IBYE last year, and I would recommend it to any young entrepreneur looking for a kick start!




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