“Back yourself always and become an expert in explaining what your business does in the clearest and simplest terms.”

DC 141217 IBYE 01

Joe Perrott won IBYE’s Best Business Idea from the Local Enterprise Office Cork City and received €7,000 for his company, Remote Signals. He also walked away with the title of ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’ for Cork City. We chatted to Joe ahead of the IBYE Regional Final about his experience…

Why did you enter IBYE?
When any start-up business gets a chance to enter a competition, I’ve always thought it to be a great opportunity to talk about your business outside your own circle of co-workers, friends and family. The IBYE competition enables that as you’re in the company of amazing young entrepreneurs with like minded ambitions for their own business. Everyone wants to promote their own business and the energy and passion they display for their start-up, pushes you to up your game.
The IBYE competition gets nationwide coverage, and this is great for any young business to promote to a large audience. The timing of the event is great for Remote Signals as we are launching or products in the coming weeks.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from your IBYE experience?
Honing in on the correct message. At the Cork LEO’s Boot camp, over the course of a weekend in November I explained my business to anyone that asked. I actually left that weekend annoyed with myself as I was not able to articulate the business quickly and easily to everyone. I got it right at times, but on reflection of the weekend I was not happy. The IBYE boot camp weekend helped focus on correcting that in following weeks.

How do you plan to use the investment you won?
We are launching Remote Signals in the coming weeks and this money will help with the activities around the launch. We are working on some nationwide projects that will help us show the capabilities of our IoT platform to business and interested parties. The investment will help fund the roll out of those projects.

Any advice to other young entrepreneurs?
Back yourself always and become an expert in explaining what your business does in the clearest and simplest terms. I often say that the messaging is harder that the product you are developing. The ability to articulate why your started your business, where you see it going, as well as telling your own story is the foundations of getting buy in from employees, customers, investors, friends and family.



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