“IBYE helped me make sense of all the noise around pitches and business plans”

Clare Condon IBYEClare Condon of Good Day Deli was the runner up in LEO Cork City’s ‘Best New Idea’ category in last year’s IBYE competition.

Good Day Deli is a Sustainable Foods Deli serving healthy, local, organic and artisan foods with a commitment to sustainability throughout the food chain.

We asked Clare how IBYE helped her develop her business idea and here’s what she told us…

“IBYE affirmed to my partner Kristin Makirere and I that there is room for ecopreneurship in Cork, that is, to start a business that operates sustainably or solves an environmental problem. Business is so much broader than financial gain, there are cultural, social and environmental benefits that widen the positive impact of your business and it’s important to communicate those benefits.

“The intensive IBYE programme helped me make sense of all the noise around pitches and business plans and to formulate our plans in a way that is meaningful to us and to others. It is fun, open and emboldening and will give you the kick start you need to progress your idea.”

If like Clare, you have a business idea, then APPLY to IBYE by Friday, September 29th, and give your business a nudge in the right direction!